Pasture Mixes

Our Champion Pasture Mix and Renovator Special Mix are part of the Pasture Perfect® family. Since 1997, the Pasture Perfect® brand has provided the finest forage seed varieties available on the market for grazing tolerance, leaf disease and drought tolerance, yield, and quality. The Pasture Perfect® brand is always updating their mixes with the best possible ingredients.

Our Beef Pasture Mix is an Enduro-Plus Mix.  Enduro-Plus Mixes consist of only the best forage varieties available. All varieties in the Enduro-Plus product line have been developed and tested for forage quality, yield, and persistence. These products have been designed to give you higher relative feed values, which translates into more milk per acre, more beef per acre, or more energy for horses.

Needing to start a new pasture or bring an old one back to life? We have access to several premixes as well as the ability to make custom blends.

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